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Customer Service

Exceptional Customer Service

Delivering Truly Outstanding Customer Service To Build Competitive Advantage, A Stronger Bottom Line

In today’s highly competitive business environment, it is no longer good enough to just deliver ‘good’ customer service. The bar has been raised and now every member of your organisation has to deliver service that is outstanding. This course helps you to understand why service is so important and it gives you the crucial tips and skills required to deliver world-class service and grow existing client relationships.

Customer Service
Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

Mastering the Art of Communication in the Business Environment to Deliver Confident, Powerful Presentations to Drive Your Desired Business Outcomes Every time

This course shows you how to deliver presentations with real impact. You will learn how to overcome fears and deal with anxiety; understand how to tailor your presentations to the audience; and structure the presentation content for added clarity.

You will gain confidence and polish in all aspects of your delivery. Once you have attended this course you will look forward to presenting every chance you get!

Communication Excellence

Communication Excellence

Mastering the Art of Communication in the Business Environment For a More Effective Workplace and Better Results With Customers

The way you interact with others can be the key to workplace success. Whether you want to develop rapport with others or manage challenging relationships, your style and interpersonal competence can make or break your chances of successful achievement. This course will fine-tune your existing communication skills and help you to communicate with real impact.

This course will teach you effective communication techniques that will benefit both you and the organisation. It helps you to see the importance of non-verbal communication and the way it affects your interactions with people. You will know which areas of communication to give proper emphasis to. We provide effective tools to handle tough situations, give constructive feedback and improve all human interactions.

Communication Excellence
Managing Difficult Customers

Managing Conflict Effectively

How to Successfully Resolve Complaints, Transform Problems Into Opportunities and Protect Your Reputation For Long Term Business Success

Concerned about how your staff are dealing with tricky customer demands? Are you constantly getting bad feedback especially on customer interactions over the phone? Are staff having a hard time making decisions over which comes first: customer loyalty or company policies?

This course will teach you techniques to deal with even the most difficult customers (both internal and external!). It will give you a better understanding of why difficult people act the way they act. It will also teach you how specific actions affect long term customer perception of the organisation, which could either lead to the downfall or success of the company. This course will give you tips on active listening skills, positive language and tone, what not to say, and how to react to aggressive behaviour, among others.

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